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HillStar Management has partnered with, the industry’s leading community association escrow, closing and document service company, to offer a streamlined process for the order and delivery of community association resale and lender documents. 

Professionals requiring essential real estate data and documentation for association real estate transactions can find it with

Simply click this link to get started:

Signing up is quick and easy and you can begin using the system immediately. Resale disclosures, estoppels, demands, lender questionnaires and association governing documents are all available with 

Their professional staff is available for any questions you may have toll-free at 866-925-5004.

HillStar Management provides escrow services for those homeowners going through a sale or refinance. All services provided, unless otherwise noted, require an upfront fee.

Document Package.

The document package for each association is available for purchase online at 

Each package contains the association’s CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles, Budget, Minutes, etc.
For more information on ordering the package please visit

Should you need additional help, please use the technical support chat feature 

on the upper right portion of the screen.
Note: A Demand/Statement of Account is not included in the document package.


A generic HOA Certification Form/Questionnaire is available for purchase online at This site also provides FHA, FNMA and some lender specific questionnaires, which may be purchased for an additional cost. The questionnaires are updated monthly to provide the most accurate information on the association. Information provided includes the number of units, number of addresses not on the property, date of turnover, assessment amount, special assessment information, etc. For more information on ordering a questionnaire, please visit Should you need additional help, please use the technical support chat feature on the upper right portion of the screen.

Note: HillStar Management does not complete any third-party certification, warranty, or questionnaire forms.

Demand/Statement of Account.

The HillStar Management Office provides a demand, typically toward the end of an escrow transaction, which reflects all debts and violations on a specific property. Demands are now provided through However, in order to process a demand request, the HillStar Management office must receive written authorization from the seller/current owner. Until the authorization is received, the demand will not be processed, including those for bank owned properties. 

Should you wish to use our generic form, please use our Authorization Form on our Forms Page.

Demands will be processed within 10-days of receiving a complete request. However, by paying the applicable rush fee, the demand will be ready by the end of the next business day.

Note: All demands are done first come, first serve, except in the case of a rush. Demands will not be taken via fax.